Almost Fall 2014/Special Announcements

We can see the leaves turning early and read the national weather reports on a colder, wetter winter for our area, all indications that things are about to change…perhaps soon..

Ryan is working hard to finish the new home for his expanding family…Emily is due in October! So that is priority number one.

We bought a new finishing mower and a roller so the lodge side trails and the closest ones across the road look like a park. The brush mower had a larger motor installed, modeling one used by Frankenstein, and is a beast in the high grass. We will mow and roll into the fall so the network will be in the best shape ever.

After Ryan’s building is done, we will put up an equipment building this fall to house equipment and to hold special events. Speaking of which, the Highmark Quad Ski Race is coming to Wilderness Lodge! More data on that to follow.

This has been a good summer with our first trail run with over 170 registrants, cross country team retreats, plus, the entire lodge is now available for rent and we have seen groups booking this new way,

All In all, things are good and we are looking forward to seeing you again this winter. In the meanwhile, come out and walk the trails.

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