Saturday ski prediction.

There will be skiing Saturday.

That being said, when the guys turned the sleds off at 5 P.M., there was nothing left to do. Each snowflake had been properly oriented to its rightful place in the universe. Track is set. Skate lanes, wide and level, reach out in all directions simultaneously. 

Tomorrow, the sun will  likely shine, and temperatures will rise to 20. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Sunday may be a different story depending on how things develop. The forecasters are calling for snow late Saturday night into Sunday and Sunday night.

We are still planning to have hot dogs and  hot chocolate for the kids and their instructions In the schoolyard Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon about 1:30, we will host hot dogs and refreshments by the fireplace on the loggin road.

Hope to see you here!

People hate Winter…present company excepted

It is Monday, and we all know the office, coffee shop, catch up after the weekend talk will center on how bad the winter is. Snow followed by negative something, followed by more snow…

And you sit comfortably looking at your screen saver of some small patch of pine woods hanging low over a set of tracks. You have been there and will return. You smile as the naysayers grope for words to discuss their distain over the same topic which they mutually beat up the prior Monday.

Words like “cabin fever”, “going to Florida” and “so tired of this” flow spilling down into a pooling of social malaise.

You truly feel for them. When you try to share what you did last weekend and how the endorphins from your ski gave you a sense of euphoric freedom or how the woods are “lovely, dark and deep”, they turn, knowing you are possibly not well.

You, We are a minority. Reflect and Rejoice in it. Smile and Carry On.



Frosty Sunday morning looking towards the woods.

Our snow grooming efforts took a major change last year with the addition of Nick and Joe, our two groomers.. We now have at least two sleds running six days a week and sometimes seven. As a result, the quality of our trails is consistent.

Days like Saturday are a challenge. When we stopped grooming Friday evening, 98% of our trails were packed, tracked and ready for the weekend.

It snowed from sunup to almost sundown and we probably had 6-7 inches of new snow. As we worked one side of the road, the other would accumulate snow, and vice versa. We just managed to keep ahead of things. This is not a complaint…just reality in the world of sking.

Today, things have settled down. The sun is out and temps will be in the mid 20’s. Another great day to go grooming! For those of you who like sking, it’s a pretty good day for that also.

Midweek MidFebruary

Trail conditions are as follows….in a constant state of continuous improvement. Which is not to say that more cannot be done…but seeing that we have continued to raise the bar, we have found that the bar, as far as the height of various tree limbs is concerned, is now much closer to the height of the trails. We are now in the third cutting of the limbs which seem to be growing closer to the ground.

(null) Snow Pack Map

Tomorrow cold. Weekend in the 30’s. Four to six inches of new snow by Sunday evening. Anything about freezing and we generally cannot groom without compressing the snow so hard that it will be suitable for ice skating. So we will keep grooming through Friday and will have things as fast, level and hard as possible with miles of set track ready for the weekend.

Sunday Evening

Today started at -13 and is currently -9 dropping since the sun retreated. We did have a number of skiers who braved the cold. Fortunately, the sun was out and there was little wind.

It may dip to -15 tonight.

Tomorrow, one forecast calls for a high of 11 while another shows a balmy 18.

In the morning, we are going out to groom the lodge side and the A-Frame…mostly wooded trails. The fields and the rest of the network will wait till Tuesday when it will be warmer.

Tomorrow, we will be open for the holiday.


With near blizzard conditions, we still had over a hundred brave souls who came out to ski today. From early morning to about 4 pm, we received over a dozen inches of new snow which, with the wind, was able to form drifts big enough to hamper our grooming equipment. We had two sleds out all day just trying to keep things open…which they barely managed.

Tomorrow, the predicted minus 14 morning temperature with wind chill will become minus 36. For safety reasons, we will not ask our staff to face those conditions. Grooming will cease until Tuesday.

The trails are here but we discourage anyone from going out.

Test Valentines Day

Word press


This picture was Last evening when the groomers had just finished for the day. Our website was down and we are now back in operation thanks to Steve Bell and assistance from Ned Reade.

We remodeled the site to include more pictures of trails and skiers, plus two videos. The video of the Wildcat youth program has lots of smiling happy kids led by our team of coaches on our trails. GoErie, which is part of the Erie Times, did an video interview which provides information on the sport of cross country skiing, the lodge and the trails. These are worth a visit.

Today it is snowing with temperatures in the mid 20’s. They are calling for up to 5 inches tonight and negative temps tomorrow. We will not be grooming Sunday or Monday due to the hazardous temperatures.

Things will return to normal soon and there might be a hot dog roast in the woods coming next weekend!

Trail Condition Update Friday 2/13

The Lodge received about 8 inches of fresh snow yesterday, which the guys spent all day rolling and packing both sides of the road.

There was a dusting last night, so. Today will be spent leveling, repacking and finally start setting some track mid afternoon. Conditions will be wonderful Saturday. They are predicting snow and a high in the mid 20’s so we will be grooming and conditions will be good. Saturday is probably going to be the best day to come ski!

As of now, the prediction is for negative temperatures Sunday, wind and snow. We will wait and see what develops and update the face book page Sunday morning.