Season come to a close.

What a year! 

From November. 


To Saturday April 5th.


We have been blessed with good snow.


Good friends..  Good fun…Good skiing!


  We leave you with this message… Thanks so much for coming and sharing this wonderful experience. Until we meet again. Your friends at… 


Shhhh. It’s a secret…

tis the time of year when the white whiskered wizards and the knobby kneed gnomes come and visit the wild woods. They come to meet with the freckled fairies (not to be confused with the fair fairies over the glen near the glade) to tell winter stories, tales of wonderous storms with whipping winds and snowflakes which collect in your eyebrows and taste like white when they fall on your tongue.

Look closely. 


You can see where the Wizard’s  carriage with two wheels per side glided over the bridge.

They are here now for the woods are beautiful, peaceful  and empty.  They have heard us say goodbye and muttered words of good season sometimes uttered two or three times to the same visitors. It is their time to play.

If, perchance, you do come back, glide softly and quietly through the deep woods. No, you will not see them, but if you are still for a minute and listen with your heart,  you will hear faint laughter amid the rustle of the trees. 

Sunday Morning

it’s worth the drive! We groomed this morning on the lodge side to top dress the skating lanes. Where we went, there is an inch and a half of granular, level and quick. Everywhere else is brutal hard.  

We will add a couple more miles this morning  and call it a day. 

It’s officially spring skiing!

This weekend update

looks like last weekend……the “R” word tomorrow followed by a beautiful cool Sunday with lots of beautiful snow. Trails are open for your skiing pleasure.

Is it true that spring skiing is the best? Could it be similar to the attempt to recapture moments of a misspent youth as someone fades into middle something. We offer an emphatic, “NO!” 

Anytime you can ski is the best…because we are trying to capture this moment!

Friday the 13th.

Is there any correlation between the glass being half full versus half empty and the role of superstition? 

One could argue that the pessimistic mind is more prone to negative thinking and therefore more apt to dwell on the possibility of increased risk caused by black cats, broken mirrors and foreboding dates and numbers. 

The alternate view would portend the joyful optimist, being somewhat more Pollyanna in approach, may perhaps be less suseptable to these inclinations. And therefore, always be looking at the bright side of life. 

We, at the Lodge, tend to appreciate the more realistic approach to viewing our circumstances. This slight warm trend has not materially made skiing here any less enjoyable. People skied here today and the comments were very favorable. 

Given our overall sense of well being, one would assume a very low leaning toward superstitions. This is true with a couple of notable exceptions…in winter we don’t say the “R” word, nor will you hear us say, “I wish it would stop snowing so things would settle a bit.” 

The last time those words were uttered, it rained three days straight with fifty degree temperatures and we watched all the snow settle down French Creek.

Happy Friday the 13th. Skiing is good and probably Sunday will the best day for skiing this weekend..,something to do with the “R” word.

For those who read this far, Saturday is Einstein’s birthday. It is also a Pi day, 3/14/15, the first five digits of Pi. So at 9:28:53, it will be 3.141592853, the first ten digits of Pi. Pretty exciting stuff. 

Cymru am byth “Wales for ever”

March 10th. Is Saint David’s day, a national day of holiday in Wales. Saint David was a fifth century cleric, who became the patron saint of Wales. The most famous story of Saint David is that he was preaching to a large crowd of people and the ground is said to have risen up so he was standing on a hill and the people to hear better. Back in the fifth century this must have been a big deal.

What does this have to do with Wilderness Lodge?

My father, James H. Janes, Jim, as a marine stationed in South Wales near Cardiff, Wales met my mother, Sybil Megan Morley, Nansi, at a dance. She loved to do all the dances of the day. He was a Yank and shuffled like all the other Yanks. 

He ended up walking her home and met her father, who took an immediate liking to Jim. So as the story goes, she would go out to dances and come home to find her dad sitting in the front room talking to my dad. Soon enough, they married and at the end of the war, Mom, the new war bride, left Wales and came to the U.S.A.

The Lodge was born out of the Jim and Nansi’s family farm, but that is another story. 

We will be playing Welsh music and will hang the Welsh flag off the deck. Happy Saint David’s Weekend. As you can see, everything is groomed and ready. And by the way, the lodge is on a big hill….just a coincidence??? 


Saturday ski prediction.

There will be skiing Saturday.

That being said, when the guys turned the sleds off at 5 P.M., there was nothing left to do. Each snowflake had been properly oriented to its rightful place in the universe. Track is set. Skate lanes, wide and level, reach out in all directions simultaneously. 

Tomorrow, the sun will  likely shine, and temperatures will rise to 20. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Sunday may be a different story depending on how things develop. The forecasters are calling for snow late Saturday night into Sunday and Sunday night.

We are still planning to have hot dogs and  hot chocolate for the kids and their instructions In the schoolyard Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon about 1:30, we will host hot dogs and refreshments by the fireplace on the loggin road.

Hope to see you here!

People hate Winter…present company excepted

It is Monday, and we all know the office, coffee shop, catch up after the weekend talk will center on how bad the winter is. Snow followed by negative something, followed by more snow…

And you sit comfortably looking at your screen saver of some small patch of pine woods hanging low over a set of tracks. You have been there and will return. You smile as the naysayers grope for words to discuss their distain over the same topic which they mutually beat up the prior Monday.

Words like “cabin fever”, “going to Florida” and “so tired of this” flow spilling down into a pooling of social malaise.

You truly feel for them. When you try to share what you did last weekend and how the endorphins from your ski gave you a sense of euphoric freedom or how the woods are “lovely, dark and deep”, they turn, knowing you are possibly not well.

You, We are a minority. Reflect and Rejoice in it. Smile and Carry On.



Frosty Sunday morning looking towards the woods.

Our snow grooming efforts took a major change last year with the addition of Nick and Joe, our two groomers.. We now have at least two sleds running six days a week and sometimes seven. As a result, the quality of our trails is consistent.

Days like Saturday are a challenge. When we stopped grooming Friday evening, 98% of our trails were packed, tracked and ready for the weekend.

It snowed from sunup to almost sundown and we probably had 6-7 inches of new snow. As we worked one side of the road, the other would accumulate snow, and vice versa. We just managed to keep ahead of things. This is not a complaint…just reality in the world of sking.

Today, things have settled down. The sun is out and temps will be in the mid 20’s. Another great day to go grooming! For those of you who like sking, it’s a pretty good day for that also.