Simply Amazing

We had an enormous amount of favorable publicity prior to and after the Highmark Quad games.

Last weekend, a wonderful video was added to our webpage featuring the Wilderness Wildcats. It features some magnificent shots of our kids having a great day skiing in the woods.

Last week, the Erie Times came out to the Lodge and did a very professional video interview which is currently on their GoErie Facebook page. We intent to link this piece to our webpage.

Midweek, the lodge was again featured in an article on local activities in the Erie Times.

We have been very lucky, but you must know that a few years ago, I was asked by my mother not to advertise the Lodge, because “they will come!”

Well, here we are, having made several major improvements in recent years including new snowmobiles, the purchase of the same grooming equipment used in three of the last four Olympics, making a significant investment in our grooming hours, becoming the site of the Pennsylvania Cross Country Ski Championships and the Highmark Quad Race, supporting the development and growth of the Wildcats, adding an interesting selection of beers, improving the quality of the rooms, doubling the size of the parking lot and many other small but not insignificant changes…

We continue to grow and attract more people both locally and farther away. But our growth is mainly caused by word of mouth, so we wish to thank the media, but we also want to recognize all those friends of the lodge who enjoy what is here enough to share this place with others. We consider this sharing to be high praise and for that we are grateful. These improvements are our attempt to make your skiing experience even better.

The skiing will be terrific this weekend and so we invite you to come.

Saturday morning…


Saturday night…Nick, Jack and Claud…or the “Snow Dance Trio” playing at the lodge.


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